The spiral. (Fiction)

She looks lost. but she’s beautiful. but she’s lost. I can see her belly button. its cold. She’s very beautiful though. she’s not wearing any underwear. but she’s beautiful. Goosebumps pucker her skin but on her they look like an accessory. She’s laughing at something the man is saying. The man. I cant see him yet but I can feel him. He’s drunk. He has his arm wrapped possessively around her waist. His huge hand cups her perky bottom and is unconsciously clenching and unclenching rhythmically to the music.

She leans away from him. Her beautiful shoulders are trembling slightly. Its cold but not that cold so it must be that she is a bit repelled by the man who is now gyrating his nethers on said bottom. She has two drinks in her hands. And she is laughing. Her laugh, which is silvery and light is chinese. (Im succumbing to the stereotype that all things made in china are fake)

As I watch in a creepy stalkerish way, the man removes the drink from her hands and turns her face to him and inserts his tongue. Im disgusted. She’s disgusted. But she keeps kissing him. He is not very good at discretion because I can see where he wants to put his fingers. Im disgusted. I want to walk over to him and slap him. How dare he take advantage of this beautiful creature? How dare he defile her obvious innocence?

Because she is innocent, I can see that. She cannot be older than 20. Even though she looks fantastic in a croptop and damaged jeans, it is obvious they are not hers. Maybe they belong to her friend, who has suddenly appeared next to them. She looks drunk. I can hear her from where Im sitting. “Awww you guys, you look ador…” (here she pauses and seems to be pushing back the puke in her mouth ) “John buy me another drink” “ Do you have a car?” “Rose likes cars, dont you Rose?”

So now I know her name is Rose. And I am a real prophet of doom because I know nothing good can come out of her association with John. So I walk up to her when she has stolen a moment to go to the loo.

‘how old are you?’


‘what are you doing here? where do you study?’

here she looks at me rebelliously with cold, drug addled eyes and says ‘its none of your business’

I want to bundle her up and take her to my car and drive her home and participate in the beating that will ensue when the parents discover where she was.

But I talk to her some more and discover. She has no parents. She is on the beginning of a treacherous past that will if uncurbed by well wishers, end up in sex work.

She will be a prostitute. Or maybe she is and (Full pun intended) this is her first John.

I want to save her. How can I save her?


So you all know the way children come into this world. Yes God brought us or the stork or the God stork, whatever you tell your little children. This is a forum for adults I suppose so you know or have even participated in bringing the little bundle of joy into this world. *cue applause*

In case you do not know, this is how put simply. Jack and Rose will lay together in the night and engage in sexual intercourse. If he does is blessed with the power of swimmers that are active and Rose has a childbearing womb, the swimmer and the eggs in her womb will meet in the age old dance that lasts nine months and sees a little seed become a full formed human being. Deo Volente.

In the ideal situation, Jack and Rose will raise little Hannah and care for her and provide, moral, physical and spiritual support until she goes away to university and graduates with honours and gives a speech attributing the rock that her parents are and how glad she was Jack survived the Titanic incident by hanging on to the piece of wood Rose drifted on. (sneak peek into my rendition of Titanic coming in 2017,Universal studios.)  In this ideal situation, Jack was 29 years old and Rose was 26 and they were old enough to have children. In this ideal situation, they are married and both have gone through all the appropriate stages of life and education and are prepared, mentally, physically and financially as well as spiritually to have a child.

These days, people get pregnant at any age. Most of the pregnancies that occur are unplanned and accidental to say the least. Yes you have carried the baby to term but how old are you? What plans do you as an unwed,young couple have to ensure that this baby will be raised in the best possible way? What will Jack do? What will Rose do? How will the baby grow?

There are many reasons children are now having sex. One, society is hypersexualized. Every thing these days has a sexual undertone. Foodgasms, Braingasms..blah blah blah. Two, Passiveness in society regarding sex. When your teenage sister or brother talks to you about his or her crush at school, do you do all that is within your power to ensure that it never goes further than a puppy crush with safe handholding and healthy distance in between, or do you devise genius plans for her to meet him or for him to hit it with her? Or do you ignore it all?

Have you taught your siblings and cousins and the young children who you live with and interact with the absolute importance of respecting the opposite sex as well as respecting self? Have you taught them that it is okay to wait. That they should not be pressured into having sex in their teens? why do you do nothing at all?

The blog about nothing. In particular.

I opened this blog to read what others have written. I have a sort of writer’s block because I recently had a bout of you know, reality.

Also everyone is doing blogs these days so it puts your prowess as a writer into perspective you know? Gets you asking questions like, am I even a good writer? It seems its easy for everyone to put their thoughts into 300 words rather eloquently so why bother? I know, I know, Im petty. We all have our eccentricities

I’m going to talk about nothing in particular. Just random thoughts as they come.


Why are we so mean? Something has turned us,the millenial generation into monsters. I include myself because at times i find myself being a cruel sadistic bitch to someone Ive never even met. why? what makes you decide that the appropriate response to the ‘Hi’ in a private message should be replied by eww or even gastronomical putdowns? why do you go out of your way to hound someone off one platform to another until they suicide?

Why do we talk about ugly people or fat people like they are a plague? Why do we make fun of sweet sweet stevie wonder and poor Juliana who is having to cope with the loss of her son without the contempt of the nation added to it?

what made us so mean?


Its rather sad how people make fun of virginity and christianity. Beliefs are important things. And Christianity is a good faith. Let me argue this out objectively. Based on what I have noticed, christians, true, practicing christians are good people who believe in a higher power and good deeds. aside from a few restrictions its okay to go about your life in a decent manner doing good and getting along with everyone. really, what’s wrong with that? Aside from political correctness and personal biases, christians are good people.

virgins too. Im not talking about these holier than thou proclaim it hither jehovah witness virgins. Im talking about the discreet 21st century wonders who manage to survive temptation when temptation is the norm rather than the exemption. The ones who quietly chose to wait for the right one even though kingdom come. I personally think they are heroes. deserving to queue for those presidential medals with the rest of them.

Okay. Like i said this was a blog about nothing.


Generosity. Last week I gave some stuff to some people without them asking and I was proud of myself. I am trying to get over my narcissi tendencies. However, after I remember after I did it, I remember feeling a smug sense of waiting on the Universe to pay me back for my good deed. I was disgusted with my self.

Being good.Giving, should be easier than saying grass is green. (Elmer Fudd would disagree) and for some of you, it is. However, it is the feeling after that matters. When you give and feel self righteous or smug after, it negates your good deed.

Also as far as giving try to give secretly, try not to have fan fare,drumrolls and photo ops. That too downplays the good heart. As hard as it may be to hear, you are not the only one giving, and life will go on, with or without your contribution.

Yes,yes, you’re a good person,but you’re not the only good person.

Im just saying.

Musings of a Pastor’s child

Since the beginning of time, mankind has always had a problem. Man shall not live on bread alone. Humanity was given a consciousness of the world around it,a heart to feel and a brain to rationalize things. This makes man stand out as a particular creation unique unto itself. However this makes it harder for them not to question existence and search for a deeper meaning of life. We have to answer the fundamental question, what is life? Why should life be this way?
Mankind lives in a constant search for validation, for something that gives their lives a meaning. Some find a façade at the bottom of a bottle. Others think they have found it at work. Their work defines them. This is why when you ask someone to describe themselves, they go like ‘ I’m Grace, a Doctor’ when one can easily say “I’m Grace, a fun loving plus size bundle of blessings” that is an option too people.Other people think the true meaning of life is in their family or their group of friends and I would agree except what about you when you are alone? Who will give you meaning?
The majority however, looks towards religion as their meaning of life. As their assurance that in this swiftly spinning world, something remains familiar. Religions are described as an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems and world views that relate humanity as an order of existence. Religions have organized behaviors, clergy and a definition of what constitutes membership. So in simpler words, religion is a special club that dictates what you do and where you hang and they have a you cant chill with us clause that you must follow. How boring. And to think that billions of people in the world willingly walk into this trap.
In India, there are over 100 religions, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism, and something called the Lingayat in the south of india. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. The same can be said for the rest of the world, I mean, I cant be the only one who has heard of odd religions across the world, Tibetan snake worshippers, the Nudist colonies in Europe where people worship the deity naked. Egyptian Isis worship which is the foundation for the Illuminati of these days. Yes that too is a religion.I’m for real.
hristianity too has become a religion, but I’m not sure that is what God wanted. This is a controversial belief but bear with me.
Most people here would agree with me if I pointed out that Christianity is the only true religion. But should it be? The Bible actually fought against militant Christianity. The sons of Eli died because they became clergy and things went downhill from there. As a reverend’s child, I need to assure you that leaders are not exactly perfect. In truth there is more politics and drama and controversy in the church than in this Amama-Museveni thing. My dad was a victim of a coup d’etat that would make Amin look like an eight year old playing chokolo.But I digress.
Think back on when you were in love. If you are in love now, help me think about this. Did you have a constitution? A guidebook for what to do when one is in love? No. You let love guide you. Did your boyfriend or girlfriend set guidelines for what to do, what to wear, where to go? Did you have a set time for when you kiss? Go on dates? (How boring would that be?)
When you are in love, you want to be with your loved one all the time. After you say goodnight, you miss them incredibly and cant wait for them to text. Spontaneity is the rule of the day. 8 pm walks in the dust of Bugujju holding hands and laughing with enviable abandon. You trust your “Boo” infinitely. You share all your burdens and joys and familial secrets. They know you better sometimes than your siblings.You wish only the best for them, and you hold all the things they love sacred, Right?
Why shouldn’t Christianity be like that instead of encompassed by the trappings of religion? Why shouldn’t Christians be in a constant love affair with Jesus?

Do you know who killed Jesus? other Christians. Pharisees worshipped the same God. They even followed a lot of the rules Jesus’ followers followed, the Ten Commandments. But they allowed the juice to be squeezed out of their faith and they were left following all the rules but receiving no joy from their relationship with God. They envied this man who came to teach people another way to pray because he was threatening their familiar, he was preaching spontaneity where they had always had a uniform way of doing things.
Christianity requires only three rules.
1. HHope: An expectation of good things to come and the capability of not giving up.
2. Ffaith: a belief in God and in his inherent existence and the truth of his love.
3. Llove: And all these things, love is the most important of all. The basis of being a Christian is to love God and this in turn makes you love human kind: John 13:34. This is our only hope.

Just saying

Whenever Im alone or doing something or scrolling through Twitter, I have so many ideas about what to write about. When I get time and internet and a free day like this, nothing comes to mind. I start downloading giraffe pics for Fab who I have an immense crush on, or think about doing a video for Keri Bwo.Or.. this is more common, I scroll through people’s facebook and Instagram pics and I wonder how they have their life in order while I glory in the uneven edges of mine.

Lately though I have started thinking seriously about the future and my career and the mistakes I’ve made. I’ve hurt unnecessarily. Lied. torn myself from friendships because my ego is a lifesize Aunt Marge (Harry Potter Analogy) and broken up with men who I could have had a future with. I have.

I dont regret any of that though, this is what being a human being entails. I am simply being the human that William Golding saw. That he tried to tell us in 1954.This post is not about me though.

Im just trying to make you understand that if slack were a cloth, give it whole. People have made mistakes, some humongous, others tiny. Mistakes are fissures in a rock.. No matter how tiny, they are always going to come back and bite, they will make the rock erode.

But an eroded rock does not end there does it? The rift valley was formed from broken rock,with faults. No? So cut some slack,forgive.

I have seen people who wallow and go days without speaking to someone who has done them wrong. Im not even saying this is bad, however to have a truly noble character, you must forgive when there is no chance of repentance, when the person has not asked, because in there lies your true character.

I had no idea my post was going to turn into a sermon and I will stop there before I become dull and boring. Goodnight


Sometimes I wonder
If we’ll ever go to heaven
Id like to think so
The whole reason I live life so carelessly is cause Im relying on my afterlife

However I wonder
Monotony is not Man’s strong suit
And in heaven there will be plenty of that

And mankind likes a little change
Man will attack man cause of sheer boredom
Its terrifyingly easy to envision
Golden sceptered young men bored out of their minds with all the bowing and posturing
Pulling out celestial swords and killing each other over who bowed first.
World war Heaven chapter

I always envisioned angels as tall brown heavenly beings with wings and golden locks and harps. Girls are into that. Wont there be romance up there?

People strive for heaven all their lives.
And then what?