The blog about nothing. In particular.

I opened this blog to read what others have written. I have a sort of writer’s block because I recently had a bout of you know, reality.

Also everyone is doing blogs these days so it puts your prowess as a writer into perspective you know? Gets you asking questions like, am I even a good writer? It seems its easy for everyone to put their thoughts into 300 words rather eloquently so why bother? I know, I know, Im petty. We all have our eccentricities

I’m going to talk about nothing in particular. Just random thoughts as they come.


Why are we so mean? Something has turned us,the millenial generation into monsters. I include myself because at times i find myself being a cruel sadistic bitch to someone Ive never even met. why? what makes you decide that the appropriate response to the ‘Hi’ in a private message should be replied by eww or even gastronomical putdowns? why do you go out of your way to hound someone off one platform to another until they suicide?

Why do we talk about ugly people or fat people like they are a plague? Why do we make fun of sweet sweet stevie wonder and poor Juliana who is having to cope with the loss of her son without the contempt of the nation added to it?

what made us so mean?


Its rather sad how people make fun of virginity and christianity. Beliefs are important things. And Christianity is a good faith. Let me argue this out objectively. Based on what I have noticed, christians, true, practicing christians are good people who believe in a higher power and good deeds. aside from a few restrictions its okay to go about your life in a decent manner doing good and getting along with everyone. really, what’s wrong with that? Aside from political correctness and personal biases, christians are good people.

virgins too. Im not talking about these holier than thou proclaim it hither jehovah witness virgins. Im talking about the discreet 21st century wonders who manage to survive temptation when temptation is the norm rather than the exemption. The ones who quietly chose to wait for the right one even though kingdom come. I personally think they are heroes. deserving to queue for those presidential medals with the rest of them.

Okay. Like i said this was a blog about nothing.


Generosity. Last week I gave some stuff to some people without them asking and I was proud of myself. I am trying to get over my narcissi tendencies. However, after I remember after I did it, I remember feeling a smug sense of waiting on the Universe to pay me back for my good deed. I was disgusted with my self.

Being good.Giving, should be easier than saying grass is green. (Elmer Fudd would disagree) and for some of you, it is. However, it is the feeling after that matters. When you give and feel self righteous or smug after, it negates your good deed.

Also as far as giving try to give secretly, try not to have fan fare,drumrolls and photo ops. That too downplays the good heart. As hard as it may be to hear, you are not the only one giving, and life will go on, with or without your contribution.

Yes,yes, you’re a good person,but you’re not the only good person.

Im just saying.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. BigEyedFoodie! says:

    Hehehehe ……on point lover ..on point !

  2. Constantly growing says:

    Thats exactly me.. (New follower here). Plz follow back

    1. kishwitty says:

      definitely followed back
      Thank you for reading

  3. geekyframes says:

    I love this blog. You’ve blogged my thoughts. are you doing juju? I’m glad you stole my idea. Not because you wrote it really well, but because you came first. hehe.

    1. kishwitty says:

      Thank you my love. I appreciate this

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